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The Diaper Debate: Have Disposables Gone Too Far?

It’s no secret that there is still a strong controversy over the use of disposable diapers. Parents have always been torn over the decision of cloth or disposable diapers but ultimately always ends up going with disposable for ease of use.

The numbers make it very evident as well, with over 18 billion diapers heading to landfills yearly. Now that’s a lot of diapers… so much so that diapers have become the third-largest single consumer product in landfills. We are catching up to water bottles for heaven's sake. It's even estimated that 50% of the waste from a household with new children can be solely from diapers.

You're probably thinking, how long does a diaper stay in a landfill. Maybe to your surprise a little over 500 years! No one in history has outlived their own diapers and that’s a fact. As we can all see things have gotten out of hand and what’s guaranteed is that there will be plenty of more babies that will need plenty of more diapers.

Some would ask what’s the solution? cloth diapers… Most would say yes but you might be wrong. After you add up the amount of clean water you use as well as the energy you end up with almost the same footprint as disposables. So then what then, do we just potty train our kids from the start?

The answer to this question lies with the manufactures of each diaper. Through innovation and advancements, superior methods of manufacturing diapers can be obtained. Nateen is at the forefront of this movement towards a more Bio and eco-friendly diaper alternative. With goals to continue to innovate and bring forth better industry standards.

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