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Let's continue to talk about another product aimed at the adult audience of extreme quality.

Nateen's Pull Ups have the same technology as diapers. Super absorption, comfortable fabric, easy to put on and take off and very discreet, ideal for people who are on the move, working or even doing sports.

- Absorption

We have today 4 different lines. 
The initial absorption is 1400ml and it goes until 3500ml.

- Comfortable Fabric

It's made with triple textile backsheet breahthable. First layer with hydrophilic 100% polypropylene. Second layer with non-toxic polythylene for impermeability. And finally the third layer with 100% polypropylene for softness touch and breathable.

- Wetness indicator: Triple wetness for better security. The indicator erase when it's wet. 

- Elastic: 8 blue on the front, 8 white on the back, 2 elastic threads for leak guard, 3 siding elastics for leg cuff. LATEX FREE!!!

- Hypoallergenic: It does not has any material that can cause allergies.

Share with people you know who use it or who have relatives who need it. Let's give them the opportunity to know a better and affordable product.

Did you get interested?? Come visit us in our website,, and send us a message. Some of our qualify sales team will contact you. 

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