Difference Between Regular Diapers and Pull Up

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In today's post, we will be explaining the differences between regular diapers and pulls up. Helping you get a better understanding of when to wear which.

Traditional diapers use adhesive tapes or Velcro in order to stay together. Pull Ups are made for ease of use, just slip your feet in, pull up, and go!

Most babies transition from one to the other

Newborn babies up to 2 years old usually use traditional diapers. Reasons being that they are not as mobile and the diapers straps making it easier to change for the parents

They start using Pull up when they start the first steps, bringing more ease in the movements and helping in training for the unfurling, this exchange is easier because they are already moving more, so it is possible to exchange with him standing.

After two years a lot of parents find comfort in switching to pull ups to fit their babies every growing adventurous spirit.

As for adults, when they are more active in their daily lives, they will choose to use the Pull up, so they are freer and more comfortable to be able to do their chores normally and even practice sports!

Moving to adults, when it comes to everyday life, Pull up provide the best fit. Making life feel normal again while you go about your day in comfort.

When It comes time to be less active and enjoy retirement adults tend to move to briefs. The extra absorbency of the briefs really comes in handy for nighttime sleep. The Velcro straps makes it so not as much bending is needed to change the brief.

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And since we are talking about this subject, there is a video on YouTube showing the difference between them and other very cool subjects!

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